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Kimber's Kritters is a charitable nonprofit 501(c)(3) that is truly No-Kill Animal Rescue with large goals. We receive no government grants nor corporate sponsorships. We rely on donations and adoption fee's to pay the medical bills and take care of the dogs in our foster parent's care. The shelters say we take the "bottom of the barrell" as we truly take the dogs that no one has adopted, and no rescue speaks up for. We mainly take in mixes, medically needy, elderly and Pit's. We used to go to a shelter and say we'll take this or that one. We felt as if we were playing God so told the shelters let me know when they have no other way! They end up being the best though! We are shelterless and rely on fosters to help save dogs being put to sleep by housing them. We are located in Shelbyville, TN, but are in Nashville several times a week due to work and homeschooling. Our main mission is to help the shelter dogs that can't help themselves that are about to be put to sleep. When no one else wants the dogs and the shelters are full they call us prior to putting them to sleep. We get dogs from very high kill shelters. We take dogs from the general public space permitting but shelters are our priority!. We totally depend on are volunteers & fosters as there are No paid employee's. We need YOU to foster by opening your home to a dog we've saved, quarantined and that is ready for YOUR love and help to find his/her fairy tale home!! You get a tax write off for the gas etc. We furnish the food,medical, crate, furnish the house, love and safe environment. YOU are the most IMPORTANT aspect of THIS rescue!

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